Little blond boy eating ice cream in a cone and having fun in a park.

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Cornwall is a true kids playground for littles of all ages and over our years of living and playing right here on the peninsula, we think we’ve found the very best ways for you to spend a fun family day together. Explore some of our favourites here and let us know what you try! 

There's a cracking  array of family activities in Cornwall this autumn!  Here's our curated guide to what's on within half an hour's drive of the farm.
It’s a brilliant activity for toddlers, preschoolers, older children - even babies enjoy a peer down at catch. Obviously you need to supervise younger children closely to avoid any unseasonable dips! It’s something we’re often asked about by our guests, so here’s our advice on the practicalities of the matter.
Our winter beach excursions often begin with uncertainty over what to do on the beach and  how it will feel, but gradually ideas and activities unfurl.  Each trip becoming as unique as the terrain, tides and weather of the day.
We know it’s hard to believe, but even in Cornwall the weather can turn a little soggy... but don’t worry even if it's wet there’s still plenty of fun to be had from swimming in our beautiful indoor pool to feeding our friendly farm animals, playing in the soft play room and the indoor play barn or enjoying our play park with swings, slides and fun playground equipment.
Recently we’ve taken an easier path - bribery.  Enthusing about hot chocolate, coke and shell-on prawns in a quiet, tempting voice is remarkably effective. The stunning 1.5 mile, level walk from Daymer Bay from the Cracking Crab cafe in Polzeath is the latest jewel in our clutch of please-everyone outings.