Beautiful wildflowers in hedgerows at Tredethick; the perfect place for pre school holidays.


Green holidays

The circular economy is all about living within the earth’s resources.

That’s why we support and work with local businesses, recycle, compost and look at creative ways of reusing our waste and by-products. 

A shallow entrance to a swimming pool perfect for young children on holiday in Cornwall.

Heat, light, energy and water

All our central heating, hot water and pool water is powered by a biomass boiler using energy crops grown on the farm. We have our own borehole, which provides our drinking water – naturally pure, it’s also filtered and treated. More than 75% of our electricity is provided by a micro wind turbine and solar panels. The extra 25% of energy is sourced from renewable UK generators. Logs for cottage wood burners are harvested from our sustainability managing woodland. And we have on-site EV charging for electric cars.

A gorgeous tree in front of the chicken coop at Tredethick; the perfect place for toddler breaks in Cornwall

Organic gardening practice

Our gardens are organically managed and all organic waste from the farm is reused. Besides fertilising our gardens and grounds, we share our compost with Fawen, a local flower grower.

Beautiful wildflowers in hedgerows at Tredethick; the perfect place for pre school holidays.


Tredethick farmland holds mid-tier Countryside Stewardship to encourage biodiversity through stock limitation and natural fertilisation. Our hedgerows are managed to provide food and habitat for wildlife and we have a field planted specially to encourage insects for birdlife.

Hibernating dormouse on bed of leaves

Endangered flora and fauna

We have a growing population of dormice, which is monitored by The Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We’re also collaborating with the National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project and are delighted to be growing and harvesting seeds to support wildflower recovery.

Arial drone shot of the Tredethick cottages site

Locally sourced goods, materials and services

We support local suppliers and choose organic where possible. Much of the produce in our farm shop is locally grown or produced. You can order delicious artisan bread and baked goods – or more comprehensive supplies – to be delivered to your cottage. 

We employ 15 local people all year round and have long-standing relationships with many local tradespeople.

Woodland path at Tredethick Farm Cottages

Sustainably managed woodlands

We’ve planted over 14,000 native trees (oak, hazel, cherry, ash) in the last 20 years.  These trees, alongside historic woodland on the farm are sustainably managed to provide as richly diverse habitat as well as logs for the cottage log burners.  We have just established a new broadleaf hedgerow, and a heritage orchard including Cornish varieties of apples, pears, mulberries, walnuts, figs and plums.

Garden at Tredethick Farm Cottages in Cornwall. There are plants and wooden garden furniture.

Reducing waste

We have eliminated single use items. Alongside Cornishware mugs, we provide enamel mugs for use around the farm. And we offer mixed recycling for plastics and glass and food waste composting.

Cottage refurbishments are our next area of focus.  Unwanted furniture and some curtains are sold on or given to local charities.   As part of our circularity steps, we sell fabulous tote bags in our farm shop which are expertly made from our old curtains by Jenny’s mum, Sue!

Lantic Bay in Cornwall. It's a sunny day and there are three boats on the water as well as people on the beach.

Caring for the coast

Planning a beach day? Please borrow what you need from our beach bucket, and feel free to leave behind any usable beach gear that you don’t want to take home.

Coral snowflake clipart

Conde Nast Traveller

We are one of the 21 best places to stay in the UK with a baby or toddler

We’re really proud to be featured as one of the 21 best places to stay in the UK with your baby or toddler by the prestigious Conde Naste Traveller. You’ll also find us featured in publications such as Kiddie Holidays, Holiday Tots, Family Traveller Magazine and Net Mums. The i Newspaper even referred to us as a ‘toddler nirvana’!