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A child-friendly North Cornwall walk

Recently we’ve taken an easier path – bribery.  Enthusing about hot chocolate, coke and shell-on prawns in a quiet, tempting voice is remarkably effective. The stunning 1.5 mile, level walk from Daymer Bay from the Cracking Crab cafe in Polzeath is the latest jewel in our clutch of please-everyone outings.

Actually, my Dad should take the credit. My parents have just moved to Cornwall.  With true pioneering spirit, my father is seeking out cafes, coves and riding schools (that’s a whole different blog), I have never heard of.

Here’s the shtick:

  • Park at Daymer Bay. The car park is at the northern end of the beach and has a beach shop and loos. It’s reasonably priced
  • Walk at your own pace along the high, flat South West coastal path. Take deep gulps of Atlantic air and convince yourself that the kids are doing the same and will thus sleep like angels tonight.
  • The stretch is level with long views, allowing you to see your progeny striding out ahead of you or perhaps sulking somewhere behind you.  Kick a football along if required.
  • If you have a toddler, it’s a reasonable stretch to toddle and carry little one between you. I think I would take backpack if I had a babe-in-arms but – if the ground is dry – you might get away with a sturdy buggy
  • Within an hour you can see the haven of the Cracking Crab with a child-friendly menu, dressing up clothes, games and decking if you’ve hit a sunny day.
  • After sustenance, head down to Polzeath beach for a paddle, rock-pool or (in our case) a game of American football before heading back to Daymer Bay. If there’s a small-person mutiny at this point, jog back and drive the car round to Polzeath to pick everyone up.

Voila! A fabulous, flexible day out for all.