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‘What makes a great holiday?’ We asked families with toddlers

It is a holiday, but not like before – The days of finishing your beach book on Day 2 may have gone for now.  But early family holidays have an inimitable, sometimes exhausting, charm!
As part of our customer research, we asked the parents of toddlers what makes their holidays now.  Would you agree?
A parent pleasing holiday is:

“one where you don’t need a holiday from your holiday! Child-friendly, low stress, lots of activities to do come rain or shine.”

“a day packed with activities for the kids, a nice swim in the pool, kids in bed for 8pm and relaxing watching Netflix!”

“soft play with good coffee, papers and cosy chairs!”

“where we can relax because the things that can entertain our 2yr old are right on the doorstep and we don’t have to think about them or worry about planning… especially with last minute great British weather changes!”

“happy kids = happy and relaxed parents.  Tredethick is the perfect place with space to run free safely.”

“not having to bring all the bits that take up all the space in the car, knowing it is there.”

“one that excites the children and keeps things as easy as possible for the parents.”

“a place where we don’t have to keep driving, where we can walk to things on site, spend time in nature and relax in cosy quality accommodation at the end of the day. Just be together.  Just be us, making memories.”

“soaking up those happy childhood moments without life admin getting in the way.”

“having heart-warming, wholesome family time in the day and feeling like you’re on holiday with your partner in the evening.  It’s knowing everyone is safe, happy and excited for the next day.”

“my boys exploring fun activities in a safe environment.  They’re they’re tired and I get a chilled out evening while they sleep.”

“A parent pleasing holiday is one when, once home, you all want to return to the same place time and time again because not only were the children super happy, but the location did what it says on the tin – it’s designed for families. We love Tredethick xx.”