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Tredethick chosen for toddlers in ‘British Family Escapes’

“There are some places that just happen to work well for families. Then there are others, like Tredethick, that were set up with families in mind from the start.”

The words above, in our entry in this indispensable guide for families, neatly paraphrases our ethic.  Team Tredethick is delighted to be chosen as the tiny-friendly choice British staycations.

Published by Hoxton Mini Press, ‘British Family Escapes’ is a handbook for family holidays that aren’t a compromise for parents.

The book is written by toddler mum and travel writer Alice Tate and is published later this month.  It’s beautifully designed and perfect for a present or for some 2024 planning.  Hats off to Alice for writing this in the first year of being a new mum!

You can see excerpts below: