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Bringing everyone along… the joys of multigenerational holidays

Time with the whole family is time well spent. But big get-togethers come with their challenges. Deciding who is going to host, keeping small people entertained, and making sure Granny and Grandad can keep up with the schedule can require a generous helping of organisation. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few tips which can help to make these experiences fun and relaxing.

Multi-generational holidays mean quality time without one ‘host’ shouldering all the responsibilities. Rather than one household managing all meals, organising activities and bearing all the costs, family time can be a shared effort. No distractions… just time to commit to each other. 

Big family holidays can work out cheaper if everyone is chipping in – shared food and transport costs, possibly some childcare can be more cost effective. Some holiday studies suggest that grandparents often pay the accommodation costs. No pressure Grandma and Grandpa! 
Families in many forms come together at Tredethick. From grandparents seeking somewhere child-orientated to bring the grandchildren while parents work, to extended gatherings with cousins who live overseas. Many families return to the farm year after year. 
These are our tips to optimise big family holidays. 
1. Think about how the accommodation works best for you: you might want to book a slightly larger place – everyone needs bit of space when they aren’t used to living together – especially if you’ll have lots of little ones running around. One kitchen or dining room can act as a ‘base camp’ for bigger family meals. Our Granary and Hayloft cottages are popular choices as they sleep 6 (plus a cot) making them perfect for housing three generations. Or book two cottages so you can mix fun together with quiet time, especially if there’s a big range in the children’s age. 
2. Do your homework: Check the reviews and photos before booking anywhere. Send your final list of options around for thoughts from key group members. If you can, keep the distances fairly equal. You can take a look at Tredethick’s reviews here
3. Check accessibility: Have a think about the needs of each family member. Does your accommodation need stairgates for the toddlers? Will everyone be able to get up all those stairs, or would a ground floor bedroom be better? Look at the images provided for your accommodation and don’t be afraid to ask questions about accessibility (or anything else!). Be sure to write your questions down too – so you know what to ask next time. 
4. Consider taking two cars: This will give you more flexibility if different family members want to do different activities. Assign more sprightly family members (perhaps adults and teenagers?) to take all the luggage and head straight to where you’re staying. They can unload and sort out all the formalities while the second car, with other family members, follows along at its own pace. 
5. An eye for appetite: Explore local food options. Consider reserving a couple of meals out in advance – especially if you are a large party – to ensure your booking and take some pressure of the main family cook. If one person books meals or day trips, perhaps another can sort a supermarket shop for the trip. 
6. Assign roles in advance: Perhaps one adult to explore the farm with the children, while someone else unpacks and starts supper (we feel like that person deserves the first hot tub session!). Clarifying some of this in advance can take some of the decision-making and diplomacy out of the arrival day. 
7. Activities for everyone: It’s wonderful to make the most of having everyone together. To ensure parents get some time to join in adult chats too, you might need a games or bedtime roster. This could be a great opportunity to share family traditions: can someone show the children a craft like knitting or baking? Or, go through a classic movies list and figure out which ones the kids haven’t seen. Introduce them to some of the greats while cuddled up with Grandma on the sofa. 
8. Make your Christmas present easy! Don’t forget to take pictures. After the holiday, you can make a photo album or online collage together. You’ll know just as well as we do that kids grow up fast, and having that picture of them laughing together will feel all the more special as the years pass. 
At Tredethick, we can create moments that the whole family will cherish. Child-friendly AND parent-pleasing holidays on our secluded, beautiful Cornish farm. Take a look at our available cottages and book your next family break here