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Going on holiday with twins

Are twins double the joy or double the trouble?  Possibly a bit of both…

We’ve hosted plenty of twins, and even some triplets at Tredethick. This year we have eight sets (and counting) have booked to stay.  So here’s some tips on destination, packing, which farm cottage to pick and, having spoken to seasoned twin mums,  a couple of hacks which could help.

Why Tredethick with twins?

Try to keep travel plans simple because the practical admin of daytime sleeps, feeding and nappy changing is a full-time job in itself.

“It’s about getting back to basics, where the children can be outside (fresh air = likely to sleep better) and where there’s simple ‘fun’ to be had from splashing in puddles, feeding the animals and all the things that Tredethick does in abundance – soft play (with parents area to relax – genius), indoor pool, farm walks, balance bike track etc.” said Tia, mum to five year old twins.


List-making helps hugely because there’s pretty much double everything with twins.  We can provide two of each of bulkier items such as cots, bed guards, highchairs, booster seats, bottle sterilisers, nightlights and bathroom step ups to reduce car clutter.  Also cottage kitchens stock children’s cutlery and crockery.

Our cots are ready assembled which really helps, as Helen Copson (who has three year old twins and blogs at Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee remarks:

“When arriving at self-catering accommodation I immediately check whether the cots are up and ready to go.  I literally squeal with glee if they are!).

Helen recommends packing a smaller bag  – with pyjamas, sleeping bags, bottles, toothbrushes – close to hand is ideal if you are arriving close to bedtime.  Then  one adult can start bedtime while the other unpacks.  You can find her packing lists for twins here.

Which cottage?

Holidaying with twins

Our top choice for a twins cottage here is Dairy.  You can park right up to the front door for easy unpacking and there’s room in the courtyard to store double buggies.   Also, it has ground access to squeeze your double buggy inside.  There’s no need for stairgates beecause Dairy is a single storey stone cottage (although our two storey cottages are fitted with these).  Dairy is opposite our indoor pool, soft play and trampoline, so there’s plenty of entertaining all four tiny legs!  It’s close to the log and bbq store too for ease.

The large, open plan kitchen and living area has a dining table big enough to fit two highchairs and there’s a separate freezer for any frozen food (or to store some Cook! meals from our farm shop).  Dairy’s main bedroom is spacious enough to fit two cots if twins need to be in your bedroom, and there’s a second bedroom large enough for two cots or two single beds with guards.  It has a fitted blackout blind and nightlights are provided. Lastly, Dairy’s brand new bathroom has a bath with non-slip mat and separate shower – giving you options for double trouble!

Travelling with twins and more children

We’d recommend Granary cottage if you have twins plus another child,  Again, there’s plenty of child-friendly kit in the cottages.  The bedrooms are spacious enough for two beds or two cots.  Granary is a three bedroomed, double storey cottage with fitted stairgates.

All our cottages have access to enclosed gardens so there’s plenty of room to explore safely.

Holiday hacks

Tia: “Set off when the twins are asleep, with any luck, at least one might oblige.  Don’t try to bring too many toys, children will be fascinated by the new space you are in, and it’s one less thing to worry about… a couple of choice toys and try to trust that the new environment will be a useful distraction.”

Helen:  “The packing list, plus our roof box! As ugly as they are, we wouldn’t be able to fit everything in the car for a weekend away, let alone a week, without it.