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Pony Rides

Pony-1Every Wednesday morning (or Mondays if you are here for a weekend break), it’s pony-ride time with our friendly and gentle ponies: Little Joe, May and Nimbus.  Little farmers enjoy a lead-rein walk along the farm drive and the chance to say ‘Hello!’ to their favourite animals.

For some pony-mad girls – and boys – this is the undisputed high point of their stay. Even babies can have a sit in the saddle. You’ll be involved at every stage, from helping your child adjust their riding hat and getting on their pony to supporting them as they ride along.

*Pony Poppets*

Pony Poppets offers informal sessions for children (aged 8 and under) including pony care and lead-rein riding fun in our outdoor school.  They are for one family at a time and are tailored to the age of your children. Pony Poppets is led by our resident equine expert, Liz.  45 minute slots (suitable for 1-2 children) cost £40, 75 minute sessions (recommended for 3 children) are £60.  Please email to book.  It’s the next best thing to having your own pony!Pony-2