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Feed the Animals

Lamb-1 Pygmy-goats

Oink, Neigh, Quack, Baa…

Getting to feed our friendly farm animals is a holiday highlight for our smallest guests. Grown-ups love it too, especially seeing the reaction (cue ear-to-ear smiles and shrieks of delight) from their delighted offspring. 

Herding up the pigs for breakfast is always a source of great excitement – for turbo-powered piggies and children alike. Our three big pigs, Digory, Muffet and Pasty, soon squeal and snuffle their way into everyone’s affections, and we have two super-scrumptious Kune Kune piglets, Honey and Crumpet.

There are wonderfully skittish lambs to bottle-feed in the spring, hens to attend to and freshly-laid eggs to discover. (Amazingly, there always seems to be an egg for each hopeful child!)

Also keen for their breakfast are our cheeky goats, who will nibble food straight from little hands (Caspar, Basil and Bertie are especially friendly), our alpaca Seamus, and our ponies Little Joe, Nimbus and Tommy. Not forgetting our pet guinea pigs.