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Feed the Animals

Lamb-1Five mornings a week it’s on with the wellies and off to help feed the animals.

For many children the best bit is bottle-feeding the lambs. The look of delight on your child’s face while they feed a waggly-tailed lamb is one you’ll never forget.

There are chickens to feed and freshly-laid eggs to discover nestling in the hen house. (Miraculously there always seems to be an egg for each eager child!)

Our friendly goats will also nibble food straight from little hands and our two charming pigs, Plum and Crumble, can’t wait to scoff their morning pellets. They’ll even sit for a biscuit, such is their love of food. Pygmy-goats

There are our pet rabbits and guinea pigs who need their breakfast too along with Seamus and Louis, our two resident alpacas.