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The circular economy holds out the hope of living within Earth’s resources, moving away from linear use of energy and materials.  We think in terms of the next few generations, not years, and believe that small, simple, acts cumulatively make a big difference.  From supporting and working with local businesses, recycling and composting to creative ways of reusing our waste and byproducts.

Heat, light, energy and water

All the central heating and hot water (as well as the pool water) is powered by a biomass boiler – using our own energy crop grown on the farm. More than 75% of our electricity is provided by a micro wind turbine and photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our energy crop store. The extra 25% of energy is sourced from renewable UK generators via Opus Energy.

 Logs for cottage wood burners are harvested from sustainability managing broadleaf woodland here at the farm.

We have on-site EV charging for electric cars and you can find local charging points by downloading the Zap Map app.

Organic gardening practice

The garden courtyard garden and gardens surrounding Searles and Orchard cottages are managed organically by our talented and experienced groundsman.  Organic waste produced on the farm is reused via  comprehensive composting systems and we have designated 'no mow' area to allow more wildflowers to grow.

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Tredethick farmland holds mid-tier Countryside Stewardship to encourage biodiversity through stock limitation and natural fertilisation.  Hedgerows are managed to provide food and habitat for wildlife.  We have a field of wild bird food cover where a mix of linseed, millet, radish fodder and sunflowers are planted to provide insects for birdlife.

There's a wildlife log in our soft play for guests to log birds, plants and other wildlife they have spotted at Tredethick

The Wow factor

Not the headline you might expect but it's worth highlighting two current projects which make our hearts skip.  Tredethick's dormice population is monitored by local ecologist and school mum Laura Snell.  Please don't disturb the survey boxes in the woodland, we promise to share photos of them.  Laura has a special 'dormice handling' qualification. #lifegoals

Tredethick is collaborating with the National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project.  We are sharing our land to grow cornfield annuals of cornflower, corn marigold and corn chamomile.  The UK has lost 97% of its wildflowers since World War iI, so we are delighted to support recovery by growing and harvesting seeds.  We want to give guests the chance to reconnect with their beautiful natural heritage and we are developing seed packs so they can enjoy wildflowers when they get home too.

Locally sourced goods, materials and services

We support local suppliers and chose organic where possible. Much of the produce in our farm shop – from our apple juice and pasties to our sausages and organic ice cream – is locally grown or produced.

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Sustainably managed woodlands

We’ve planted more than 14,000 native trees in the last twenty years; oak, hazel, beech, cherry and ash.  This provides a peaceful, rich habitat for native flora and fauna, including a natural canopy for May bluebells   Our woodlands are managed sustainably through rotational hazel coppicing to provide seasoned, dry logs for the cottage log burners.  Tree surgeons leave habitat files create giant 'bug hotels' on the woodland floor.

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Reducing waste

We aim to eliminate single use items including disposable drinks cups.  Alongside Cornishware mugs, we provide green enamel mugs to use for soft play drinks and around the farm (take a coffee to animal feeding anyone?).

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Caring for the coast

Planning a beach day?  Take a look at our beach bucket.  There's wetsuits, bodyboards, buckets, nets, spades and more in our beach bucket in the bike shed.  Please borrow what you need for beach days and leave any usable beach gear that you don’t want to take home.

You're welcome to borrow buckets and spades from the giant sandpit in the playbarn too.

Why not go for a family beach clean? Take a look at Project Kids' guide to beach cleaning with young children. It's good fun AND a practical way to show your children how they can make a difference.

How you can help

Please help us to maintain these practices by:

Use the recycling and food waste systems
Please try and use as little water as possible. We are on a borehole system and replenishment can take a little time.
Conserve energy. For example, please don't turn up the heating and open windows.
Shop locally. Browse our cracking little honesty farm shop, or wander into Lostwithiel, which has a fantastic range of independent shops. You can order Baker Tom and The Bakehouse breads, morning pastries and buns. For more comprehensive supplies, order a local Real Food Box

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