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A to Z of Tredethick Holiday Cottages

Posted on: 8th October 2018

Alpacas:  Seamus and Louis, our pair of characterful alpacas, are often the first animals you will see on arriving at Tredethick.  Look left when you’re in our drive-way and they will usually be looking at you curiously.  Apart from hating their toe-nails being cut, they are generally happy, sweet little souls.

Atticus:  Our resident ginger lion, who is actually a Maine Coon cat, sees it as his duty to patrol the cottages and make sure all the guests are happy.  He has been known to sleep on guests’ beds too so do watch out for Atticus, who’s particularly partial to tuna and prawns!

Balance Bike Track: Perfect for young riders, who can scoot, bike or ride a John Deere mini-tractor around the Track, which features farm animals, a granite ‘Tor’, a drive-thru wooden barn and don’t forget to fill-up at the fuel station half-way round.  Tredethick offers free use of Strider balance bikes, John Deere tractors and scooters for guests to ride on throughout their stay.

Cotswold Legbars: Tredethick’s friendly chickens are made up of many glorious varieties, including the blue egg laying Cotswold Legbar, Silver Laced Plymouth Rocks, Light Sussex, Black Rock and Wellsummers.   All of them are beautiful breeds with gentle temperaments. 

Diggory: One of our mini piggies, who arrived in spring 2018, Diggory is pink with black patches.  Diggory’s brothers are called Muffet and Pasty.  They are all super-friendly, love being petted and will sit on demand for Farmer Jenny (as long as she has a biscuit!).

Esmeralda: Beautiful Esme is our posh farm cat, as she’s a silver spotted tabby.  She’s without airs and graces though and loves nothing more than catching her tea fresh from the farm.  The Tredethick mice population is virtually non-existent due to Esme’s first-class hunting.

Farm Shop: Guests pick up locally-produced goodies including fresh eggs, bacon, Pasty crisps, apple juice, honey and cider at our honesty-box farm shop in the play barn.  There’s also crab nets, water bottles and Tredethick tractor t-shirts for sale.

Gaynor: Gaynor the pygmy goat is partial to rubbing her head on your wellies for a quick head massage.

Hot Tub: Set in a tranquil bamboo garden, our hidden hot tub is a haven for parents and carers wanting a relaxing dip.  Grab the complimentary fluffy bath robes and head over to enjoy the view over the beautiful Fowey Valley, preferably with a glass of farm shop Prosecco.

Idyllic: A word often used to describe Tredethick is idyllic.  Set in the stunning Cornish countryside, with everything guests need for a perfect family farm holiday, Tredethick is a peaceful, tranquil escape from modern life.

Jenny and Ashlyn (Farmers): Farmers Ashlyn and Jenny are always looking for mini farmers to help them feed the pigs, chickens, lambs, goats, alpacas, rabbits and guinea pigs.  Animal feeding runs every day at Tredethick, apart from Friday and Sunday.

Kune Kune:  Plum & Crumble are our Kune Kune twin pig sisters and they are very fond of strawberries.  They do snore terribly but we still love them dearly.

Lambs:  All of Tredethick’s lambs need to be bottle-fed every day and preferably by a mini farmer.  The lambs get very excited at feeding time and always finish their bottles!

Mini Farmers: We have a welcome posse of volunteer mini farmers who keep Tredethick running in a spic and span manner helping Farmers Jenny and Ashlyn with feeding duties.  We’d like to thank them all for doing such a good job!

Nature:  At Tredethick, we’re surrounded by 76 acres of beautiful nature. Following one of our trails is a great way to get to know our local environment.

Orchard Cottage: One of our eight beautiful cottages, Orchard was only built in 1997, along with Searles cottage.  It’s built from local stone and reclaimed materials, with the granite quoins and lintels on the exterior from a demolished Victorian school and the Cornish slate on the roof from a London hospital.

Ponies:  We have three gentle ponies called Ladybird, Beau and Little Joe.  Mini guests are invited to ride our ponies, which are led by Farmers Ashlyn, Jenny and Liz around the farm.  A wonderful experience for first-time riders. 

Pip: If you spot a brown tabby cat at Tredethick that is Pip, who is Esme’s son.  Esme finds Pip very tiresome but he’s a lovely, friendly boy who loves nothing more than a bit of fuss.

Queen of Tredethick: Chocolate, our oldest goat, is our appointed Queen of the animals.  She’s almost 14 years old and is regal in her airs.

Rabbit: Our rabbit is called Pongo and he’s fluffy and friendly.  He loves carrots and cucumber best in the world.  He enjoys being next to the guinea pigs, Milk, Porridge, Jam and Peanut Butter.

Swimming Pool:  Our indoor pool is always kept at a cosy temperature and there’s lots of fun inflatables to play with and swimming aids for little uns.

Soft Play:  Even if it’s raining, our soft play is perfect for young babies and toddlers to roll and tumble in a safe, squishy, fun environment.  Parents are also invited to enjoy the fresh coffee, magazines and daily newspapers.  In addition, the Play Barn has a large sandpit, perfect for making sand castles.

Trails:  Our picturesque (& not too far) farm trail takes you through the farm’s fields and woodlands.  We have Tredethick scavenger hunt bags in the office to accompany the adventure.

Underwater Fun: There’s always fun to be had in our indoor swimming pool, which is always kept at 30 degrees.  With glass windows overlooking the stunning Fowey Valley, you’ll still feel part of the great outdoors. 

Vocal:  Our farm animals can be rather vocal and particularly at feeding time, but most of the time they’re very mild mannered and love to see all our guests.

Wagonhouse: Another one of our eight cottages, Wagonhouse was built originally to house farm carts and, apart from the two granite supports – the front of the barn was completely open. More recently it was used as a grain store, with a large pit situated in the front single bedroom. There are photos in the Play Barn of how it used to look.

X: A bit of a cheat, but there’s an X in the number plate of our John Deere tractor which you’ll hear rumbling around the farm.

Y:  Why? We get that the constant “whys?” can be grating, particularly when you’re trying to get the kids to clean their teeth, go to bed, or eat their veggies but hopefully they won’t be saying this when they’re swinging on the swings, or climbing the play equipment or jumping in the pool!

Zillions: Even on a rainy day there are zillions of things to do at Tredethick and in the surrounding countryside.  From visiting the Eden Project, which is only 20 minutes away, to stunning beaches or of course not leaving the Farm – and instead building a sand sculpture, tumbling in our fun play barn or having a mini table tennis, pool or mini table footie tournament, you’ll never be bored at Tredethick.



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