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Tredethick Animals – Scrumdidlyumptious Pigs!

Posted on: 28th June 2015

Our black and white Kune Kune pigs Plum and CrumTredethick (87)ble are sisters. Like most siblings there are elements of love and hate in their relationship. At night, they sleep snuggled up together, snoring and snuffling in a bristly, less-than-fragrant heap. But, if you look carefully at Crumble’s ear, you will see the ragged imprint of Plum’s teeth. Sisterly spats can be fearsome.

Plum and Crumble will be five years old in August.  Farmer Jenny picked them out of a litter of nine from a farm in Fraddon, near Newquay:

“I chose Plum and Crumble because they were so tiny, compare to their siblings, and they both fitted in a small cardboard box on the front seat of my car,” explains Farmer Jenny.

When they first arrived, they were so tiny, they could squeeze through the bars of the pen in the farm shed. On their first morning, they toddled off down the farm driveway and waited for the school bus! These days they each weigh around 12 stone.

Farmers Jenny and Tim has put a great deal of time into handling these tactile girls who enjoy nothing better than a scratch and a stroke. In fact, if you give them a vigorous back scratch, they will roll over for your two scratch their tummies. After a bit of tummy scratching they have been known to drift off to sleep.

“I taught them to sit down for a treat when they were six months old,” says Farmer Jenny, “Their favourite food now is strawberries although they are partial to a mince pie at ChristmaPlum sunbathing

“I was quite alarmed at their lobster bellies they first time they went into the paddock in summer,” she continues, “they were quite happy to lay and bake in the sun.  I spoke to a vet and was told that good old-fashioned sun cream is perfect for them in hot temperatures,  I still remember coming to work with my Ambre Solaire.”

Pigs are widely regarded as the most intelligent farm animal. The local vet told Farmer Tim that Kune Kune’s are especially bright, with the minds of two year olds. This leaves us slightly perplexed as they tend to do what they are told!

The Kune Kune breed which first came to the UK from New Zealand in 1992. They are known for their placid, friendly natures. This hairy little breed is the smallest domesticated pig in the world. The phrase means ‘fat and round’ in Maori.

Rumour has it that Kune Kune’s make good sausages, although Plum and Crumble will always be our pets.

Ashlyn, Mrs Farmer Tim

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