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Ten Facts About Plum and Crumble – our funny, furry pigs

Posted on: 22nd December 2016

  1. Plum and Crumble, our friendly, furry piggies, arrived at Tredethick in 2010. They are twin sisters and thick as thieves, getting up to all sorts of mischief but always managing to save their bacon!
  2. They are Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand and have a docile and friendly nature, which means they love being with humans. The word ‘Kune Kune’ means ‘fat and round’ in Māori, but we prefer to think of them as beautifully proportioned.

    Plum sunbathing

  3. If you see them, say “sit” and Plum and Crumble, sometimes both, maybe only one(!), will execute the most perfect sit although they will only do this for a biscuit. Crumbs, won’t we all?!   They always enjoy showing off their trick during our daily animal feeding with our parents and young children.
  4. Strawberries are their favourite treat to get their choppers around, but they love all veg and fruit scrapes from the kitchen.
  5. Plum is also very partial to a cabbage, and, just last week, was chasing Crumble around their pen until she got the cabbage all to herself. Poor Crumble!
  6. Plum even mistook Crumble’s ear for a tasty snack once and took a little nibble out of it, only stopping because Crumble was rather disgruntled.

    Crumble smiles for the camera!

  7. Our piggies love a scratch and a cuddle, more than anything, and will lie down for a full body massage if anyone passing has time?! Spa treatments for piggies? – only at Tredethick!
  8. When they’re sleeping they snore, it has to be said, like absolute pigs, albeit very cuddly ones, and often in unison. See our video of them in action: Plum & Crumble snoring
  9. The only thing they are not so keen on is having their hooves trimmed but with enough bribery (generally strawberries) they are very good!!
  10. In the winter, they live in the barn to keep them warm and toasty, as they don’t like to be wet and cold.

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