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Spring Greens

Posted on: 19th March 2021

The farm is alive with spring signals.  There are tiny lambs in the fields and woodpecker calls, frogspawn in the ponds as well as sticky horse chestnut buds and clouds of primroses.

Through L3 we’ve continued on sustainability here at the farm.
All the energy we use comes from renewable sources, most of which are harnessed here at the farm. The biomass boiler (which heats the cottages and swimming pool) has had a new inner chamber fitted.  It’s now ready for this year’s miscanthus harvest.  We’ll cut and winnow the energy crop grown on the farm next month.  Always a treat for heavy machinery fans!
Discarded items like old curtains, crockery or televisions have been resold or given the charity as part of cottage spring cleaning.  Jenny’s mum is making tote bags out of a particular attractive pair of curtains!
John’s composting system is working well, plenty of good, organic compost to feed the courtyard gardens.  We are bringing in logs from our sustainably managed woodlands of oak, beech, hazel, cherry and ash ready to season and fuel cottage log burners.
The winter bird food field – part of our Countryside Stewardship mid tier – is being ploughed and re-planted.
You can find out more about sustainability at Tredethick here.

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