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It’s Always Good to Walk

Posted on: 21st April 2016

We used to euphemise family walks as ’adventures’ to try to mobilise the troops to shuffle out on another fresh-air Sunday amble. It didn’t work for long.

Recently we’ve taken an easier path – bribery.  Enthusing about hot chocolate, coke and shell-on prawns in a quiet, tempting voice is remarkably effective. The stunning 1.5 mile, level walk from Daymer Bay from the Cracking Crab cafe in Polzeath is the latest jewel in our clutch of please-everyone outings.

Actually, my Dad should take the credit. My parents have just moved to Cornwal.  With true pioneering spirit, my father is seeking out cafes, coves and riding schools (that’s a whole different blog), I have never heard of.

Here’s the shtick:DSC_0091

Voila! A fabulous, flexible day out for all.


Ashlyn, Mrs Farmer Tim

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