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Facilities & Activities

What will their favourite bit be? 

Bottle-feeding lambs, herding piglets, splashing in the pool, riding a pony… With so much to keep little ones occupied, there’s never a risk of boredom. 

There are masses of activities for children of all ages – both outdoors and in – so rain never stops play. And just being on the farm, amidst gorgeous Cornish countryside, means there’s plenty to explore and discover. All of which means come bedtime, sleep tends to come very easily indeed.  

What will your favourite bit be? 

Rest assured, with plenty of great grown-up stuff, there’s lots that you’ll love too. Feel your stresses bubble away in our outdoor hot tub, indulge in a muscle-melting massage or just relax with the papers while your little ones run wild in our super-civilized soft play.