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Early Year Works

Posted on: 5th February 2016

snowdropsfebJanuary is a serious, sober, list-type month contrasting with the heady days of Christmas.  Tredethick has been closed to guests from the end of the New Year week, until this weekend coming.  No scooting children, chatting parents, or cottage lights.

On a cloudy night the farm is pitch black and the silence feels lonely. On a clear night, the brilliance and intricacy of the stars makes Tredethick feel a step closer to the cosmos.

During the daytime however, the farm is definitely of this earth. Jammed with vans, cars, tractors and people. Currently, a spot-check of the grounds reveals two windows vans; a flooring lorry; our blue tractor; a landscape gardening van; handyman Jack’s red van; sparky Dave McLennan’s trusty Bedford Rascal; carpenter John’s transit and two cleaners’ cars.

The list of January works in progress includes:

Memorable moments include the morning a contender for the world’s heaviest coffee table was shoved through the upstairs window of Hayloft with the loader tractor. Five tradesmen carrying a granite kitchen worktop upstairs. Shy snowdrops peaking out coffeetableof the mossy granite walls. A new bank of luscious pink hydrangeas. Kitchen fitter John keeping a tally of how many times Farmer Tim heads out on his road bike. And Cornish crib — the age-old morning tea and cake ritual – enjoyed by all of us.

We won’t miss the confusion and complexities of co-ordinating all the work in time for February half term’s full house. But we miss the people. And the cottages, animals and gardens are looking terrific. We’re ready to welcome our fabulous families back. Come on, where are you??

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