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Winter stuff in Cornwall

Posted on: 18th November 2016

Truly, I love winter in Cornwall.  Okay, maybe not the drudgingly moist grey days and pubs shutting at 9pm, but I love the blowy beach days, the endless sky, the careless beauty of the landscape, the extreme hot chocolate…. I’ve noticed that winter beach excursions start with feeling like a just landed alien, then gradually […]

An Easter Retreat for the Family in Cornwall

Posted on: 19th September 2016

Easter time – for some it’s an important religious holiday, for others it’s just a nice long weekend. But for the majority of families, however, Easter means a long school holiday and the need to fill days and days with fun, engaging activities for the kids. Tredethick Holiday Cottages is located in one of the most delightful […]

Top 5 Things to do with Toddlers in Cornwall

Posted on:

It sounds a little cliché, but it’s very true that kids grow up so fast. You only get so many chances to enjoy quality time as a family when they are very young; to collect treasured memories to hold on to forever. Despite multitudes of families everywhere feeling this way, many still struggle to find […]

It’s Always Good to Walk

Posted on: 21st April 2016

We used to euphemise family walks as ’adventures’ to try to mobilise the troops to shuffle out on another fresh-air Sunday amble. It didn’t work for long. Recently we’ve taken an easier path – bribery.  Enthusing about hot chocolate, coke and shell-on prawns in a quiet, tempting voice is remarkably effective. The stunning 1.5 mile, […]

Early Year Works

Posted on: 5th February 2016

January is a serious, sober, list-type month contrasting with the heady days of Christmas.  Tredethick has been closed to guests from the end of the New Year week, until this weekend coming.  No scooting children, chatting parents, or cottage lights. On a cloudy night the farm is pitch black and the silence feels lonely. On a […]

Tredethick Animals – Gorgeous Goats

Posted on: 1st November 2015

Children feeding our close-knit herd of pygmy goats by hand and then giving them a big, big cuddle is a familiar sight at Tredethick. Farmer Tim will ceerfully offer a free holiday to any child nipped while giving our goats their breakfast. Why? Because it’s never happened yet! Pygmy goats are friendly, fun and utterly […]

Family Friendly Foraging

Posted on: 20th August 2015

 I find cooking a necessity rather than a pleasure. But preserving fulfils something primal in me. Tim and the children will attest that I am rarely happier than when boiling my shiny cauldron of a jam pan on our temperamental farmhouse Aga. Here’s a few summer recipes from produce we pick on and around Tredethick. […]

Toddling Around – Brilliant Cornish Beaches for Families

Posted on: 6th August 2015

My vision of the perfect beach has changed since motherhood. Gone is a halcyon Maldivian reverie of deserted white sand, glamorous bikinis, searing heat and reef diving. My idyll now comprises toilets, sandcastle-suitable sand, good coffee and rock pools. Rock pools are Cornish beaches USP. We have fantastic tidal reach here which means surreal temporary […]

Toddling Around – Dinosaur Uproar at Eden

Posted on: 27th July 2015

I’m sitting in a darkened, still room as I type, recovering from the rigours of a tricky Monday. Tricky Tuesdays are what, I believe, Eden Project staff call rainy Tuesdays over the summer when staff are in full force to handle large quantities of visitors. Today was a Monday, but still tricky. The girls and […]

Toddling Around – The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Posted on: 14th July 2015

The romantic story of the Sleeping Beauty gardens restored to their pre Great War grandeur may appeal to older visitors, but the Lost Gardens of Heligan is also an absolute delight for younger members of the family. Recent additions include the rope bridge across the Lost Valley, the poppy field, Horsemoor Hide(with live wildlife webcams […]