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Family Friendly Foraging

Posted on: 20th August 2015

 I find cooking a necessity rather than a pleasure. But preserving fulfils something primal in me. Tim and the children will attest that I am rarely happier than when boiling my shiny cauldron of a jam pan on our temperamental farmhouse Aga. Here’s a few summer recipes from produce we pick on and around Tredethick. […]

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Toddling Around – Brilliant Cornish Beaches for Families

Posted on: 6th August 2015

My vision of the perfect beach has changed since motherhood. Gone is a halcyon Maldivian reverie of deserted white sand, glamorous bikinis, searing heat and reef diving. My idyll now comprises toilets, sandcastle-suitable sand, good coffee and rock pools. Rock pools are Cornish beaches USP. We have fantastic tidal reach here which means surreal temporary […]

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